I fell in love with watercolour when I was younger and my mom proudly stuck the onion she had just painted in her watercolour class on the edge of the mirror in the kitchen. The delicate blending of colours, subtle differences in value, alluring negative work and glimmering transparency fascinated me. I have been painting ever since.


I love to take risks, to provoke those accidents that this wonderful medium has to offer. However I do not leave everything to chance and plan my compositions, looking for balance through use of value and colour.


I enjoy mixing the figurative with the abstract, often suggesting still life shapes, nature or animals, inviting the spectator to finish the story that I started. I prefer to work from my imagination, interpreting nature, drawing from my memories and sensations of past experiences. I am interested in art that shows the artist's vision of the world as they see it.


For me, painting with watercolours is a never-ending adventure and a never-ending love affair!


J'aime mélanger le figuratif et l'abstrait et laisser au spectateur le soin de s'approprier l'histoire que j'ai commencée! Pour moi, l'aquarelle est une aventure permanente et une histoire d'amour sans fin!



  • DeSerres Award, CSPWC Open Water 2016, Gery Puley Award CSPWC Open Water 2014, Salis International Inc., CSPWC Open Water 2013 Exhibition, Canada.
  • 1st Prize, Festival International de l'aquarelle, Aiguillon 2014.
  • Prix Spécial Batigère au Salon International de l'Aquarelle d'Uckange, 2014.
  • Diplôme du Jury,  Biennale d’Aquarelle de Ribeauvillé, 2013.
  • Premier prix concours Le Rêve, Tribu des Artistes, Mai 2014.
  • Prix de la ville de Mesnil-le-Roi, Salon des Arts de Maison-Laffitte, 2013.
  • Médaille du Département des Yvelins,  « Fourqueux Village des Artistes », 2012.
  • One of three winners of Concours Abstractions, La Tribu des Artistes, 2011.
  • Second prize Concours Aquarelle Boesner, 2011.
  • Platinum medal (médaille de vermeil), Salon des Amis des Arts de Grenoble.

Other Actvities/Autres Activities:


  • Judge for Salon des Arts, Maisons Laffitte, France and Watercolour Challenge, Dubai.
  • Painted a camel for the Camel Caravan, Dubai.
  • Illustrated 11 children books.
  • Illustrated a set of Angel Cards for Lotus Tarot.
  • Published “Imaginaire”, personal watercolours retrospective.

Member of the Société Française de l'Aquarelle, SFA

Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, CSPWC